Food check award by Cristal International 2019

GR Solaris Cancun got the Food check award by Cristal International

food check international award logo

We want to share with you our newest accomplishment in GR Solaris Cancun, starting as of February 2019, our Restaurants and Bars have achieved the Food check award by Cristal International Standard this certification is given because of the good practice and handling of all food and meals, by Creating exceptional guidelines for Hygiene and food handling, we present to our Members and guests High Quality prepared meals.

The Cristal International Standards, measures 255 points of control throughout the food chain and rates the performance versus global standards like verification program H.

Some areas that are inspected are :

  • Delivery/Receipt
  • Dry Goods Storage
  • Cold Food Storage
  • Food Prep/Assembly — Temperature Control
  • Personal Hygiene Practices
  • Cooking
  • Reheating Hot Display/Holding
  • Equipment
  • Cleaning Procedure
  • Premises Lighting/Ventilation
  • Recipes/Cooking Methods
  • Fridge/Freezer Temperatures
  • Supplier Safety Assurance
  • Potable Water
  • Training
  • Dining/Eating Areas
Cristal award logo from food check international

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