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Destination Guide: Cabo, Mexico.

Everything you need to know before your travel to Baja California Sur.

About Cabo

Cabo is the perfect mixture of rocky desert landscapes, gorgeous beaches, and a broad range of activities for all ages such as Snorkeling, Golf, Eco-tours, nightlife, and gastronomy, making it one of the best touristic destination of the world.

Cabo San Lucas and San José, have been grown as one and quickly become the most important touristic destination in México, receiving 2.5 millions or tourists in 2017 and 142,835 visitors just in January 2018.

The purpose of this page is to give you useful information and a vision of what can you expect when you come to visit us.

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Located on the southern tip of the Baja California Sur Peninsula is a mountainous desert location that separate the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California better known as the Sea of Cortez, named by Jack Cousteau as the largest aquarium in the world. For being one of the five most diverse ecosystems on the planet. This contrast of desert and sea makes a magical place that enchants all its visitors with its unparalleled beauty, and that also offers numerous activities to its visitors.


Characterized by having a warm climate most of the year, Cabo has in fact, 350 days of the year with incredibly blue and clear sky, this is why activities are always the order of the day: Fishing, Ecotourism, Diving, Zip lines, Buggies, nightlife, relaxation, family walks or as a couple. All with a perfect climate for your holidays, because the average annual temperature is around 32 degrees Celsius with a warm-dry environment. The coldest month you'll find is January, when the average temperature is 25 degrees Celsius with some light rain, which makes it the ideal climate for our visitors of honor every year: the gray whale.


How to get to Los Cabos by plane

Cabo has two airports to receive visitors: The Los Cabos International Airport (SJD), and the Cabo San Lucas International Airport (CSL) which have direct or connected flights to make your arrival easier:


  • SFO: San Francisco.
  • SAN: San Diego.
  • SJC: San José.
  • PDX: Portland.v
  • JFK: New York John F Kennedy Int.
  • PHX: Phoenix Sky Harbor Int.
  • LAX: Los Angeles.
  • DFW: Dallas/Fort Worth and other airports.
  • MEX: Ciudad de México.

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Once you land at San José airport, it will take you approximately 15 minutes to claim your luggage and 20 minutes to reach San José downtown or 45 minutes to get to Cabo San Lucas.

If you come with transport from the airport to your hotel included you do not have to worry about anything, you have to follow the instructions given to you at the time of booking, and you will be at your hotel as soon as possible.

If on the other hand, if the vacation package you purchased does not include transportation, you can take a taxi directly from the airport to take you to your destination, or take the bus that leaves from the airport and travels the road to Cabo San Lucas.

Places you should visit:

Cabo San Lucas

san lucas arch, between sea of cortez and ocean pacific Right at the southern end of the peninsula is the axis of nightlife; replete of bars and restaurants offers multiple entertainment options for all tastes and economies. During the day, tourists can walk calmly through the wide variety of luxury shops and crafts and of course, in the world-famous beach of el medano, where there is a wide range of restaurants entertaining its guests. On Cabo San Lucas beaches or nearby, you can book your ticket to get up close to the reference point and symbol of the place: The arch of Cabo San Lucas, there, you can visit the "Lover's beach", is a beautiful and unique double beach, one beach belongs to the Sea of Cortez, while the second beach belongs to the Pacific Ocean, this beach is located just behind the arch and you should not miss it when you visit us.

San josé del Cabo

San José Just 25 minutes from the hectic Cabo San Lucas is the local head of the capes: San José del Cabo, a picturesque place where you can enjoy world-class restaurants and bars and cultural activities in a quiet and relaxed ambience. In san José, you can enjoy a walk through the estuary and experience the natural wonders it has to offer. 5 minutes away from the San José Estuary, you will find Puerto Los Cabos, where you can enjoy a beautiful walk around the marina enjoying the sculptures of Leonora Carrington, or enjoy the art district, where every Thursday night you can enjoy the art galleries and talks with the artists at home. Starting November and for a few months, you will find the organic market very close to downtown, where organic fruits and vegetables grown in Baja California are the center of attention, as well as local food and crafts. In addition to tranquility, there are attractions for all family members, from zip-line, swimming with dolphins, beaches for surfing, camel and horse rides by the sea, ATV Tours and much more. San José is the perfect combination between action and tranquility you need in your vacation.

Todos Santos

San José in cabo MéxicoAn hour and a half from San José del Cabo, Todos Santos is a town declared "magical" by the state government in the year of 2006. It is a tiny town, but it has gained importance worldwide because it is an excellent destination for surfing and for annual events, where for three days, you can enjoy samples of food and wine around the town, all accompanied by music life and guest chefs.

Todos Santos has a mystical ambience, is told to be the road to Todos Santos was the inspiration for the rock band the eagles to compose the well known hit "Hotel California", some people say it is, some say is not. But what is for sure is: Every one enjoy their streets because the mystical ambience inherent to this town, when you visit cabo, do not forget to visit Todos santos, you won't regret it.


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