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Cenosillicaphobia: The Fear of an Empty Beer Glass


At Royal Solaris, we have a bar or lounge area for just about every mood, Each one offers a wide variety of cocktails and more. We have Bars throughout the resorts so you can have your favorite drink anytime you want. What about tequila sunset or Mango Margarita? Maybe you are in the mood for something stylish like a Mojito. Do you want to go wild? Have a Cabo Loco or the Mexican Classic: Cucaracha? Come and join us for a drink.

lobby bar at gr caribe by solaris

Drinks of the house

drink of the house royal solaris cancun
drink of the house gr caribe by solaris
drink of the house royal solaris los cabos

And much more...

brands included
red wine don simon

Red Wine Don Simón

Get a taste of one of the best drinks with a good companion. This wine is made with the Tempranillo grape originated from Chile. Soft, fresh and fruity. You can enjoy this exceptional bottle of wine during special occasions

premium drinks at la bodeguita

Premium Drinks

In La Bodeguita at Solaris Resorts you can find a wide variety of Wines and Spirits that are not available in our regular All-Inclusive. We invite you to visit the Bodeguita located at the hotel lobby. We assure you that there will always be a drink that will delight your palate!

* By authorities of the municipality our Cancun Bars in Royal Solaris Cancun and GR Caribe are allowed serving Alcoholic beverages only from 11:00 a.m to 23:00 hrs. In GR Solaris Cancún the schedule to serve alcohol beverages is only from 11:00 a.m to 23:00 hrs.

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